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  • Chad Hamilton

    There is a hum in the air as the last members of the class Chad has just taught chat about their days. We’re sitting in the office where the sounds of fitness on the other side of the door are muffled. I know Chad is quite cerebral so he must have plenty to share; we don’t waste time starting our interview.

    Chad has been involved in the health & wellness realm for nine years. While focusing on functional movements; basically, he has been striving to help people become better human beings. He started
    Crossfit around its inception before its concepts were more widely accepted.

    He ran a successful nutrition consulting business in Washington D.C., spending years attempting to break the ingrained eating habits of everyday folks who find themselves trapped in American poor
    eating habits. Eventually, Chad moved back to Oklahoma City with the goal of affecting people’s health in a more tangible and clear way.

    Back in OKC, Chad’s D.C. connections led him to Crossfit 405. Through word of mouth he heard of a tiny, brand new gym near where he and his wife, Lisa, lived at the time. One night during a Lululemon trunk show, they decided to drop in at Koda Crossfit, bringing Lisa’s mother, Denise, along for the ride. Chad was just barely out of chemotherapy at the time and laughs when he remembers Jared freaking out when he mentioned that he “might have to scale a bit”, because of his “just got out of some cancer stuff”. Thrusters, double unders, pull-ups and sit-ups were on the menu for the six member class.

    I asked Chad to share why he finds Koda a unique place to train. He mentioned the kind of person who willingly walks into a big, loud, open space filled with kinetic energy. “The intensity puts a lot of people off. It’s not for everyone.” He appreciates that side of our culture, but he is also keenly aware of the people who want to make a positive life change but never make it out of the parking lot due to nervousness. He sees power in Koda’s ability to meet the needs of so many different people with differing goals. He’s striving for inclusiveness as we grow. There should be a place for anyone willing to work hard at Koda Crossfit.

    Chad’s wealth of knowledge about training and wellness are a huge value to our gym. He truly cares about Koda and its members. If you haven’t had the opportunity to jump into one of his classes, make the effort. You might even get to see him teach his whole family! They’ve all made Koda their second home.

    -Tre Benefield