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  • Jarred Smith

    Jarred Smith is reclining easily in a large leather chair inside a coffee shop near the gym. He appears simultaneously focused and relaxed, with an almost austere expression that is quickly replaced with a warm smile when he sees a friendly face. A conversation with Jarred feels like a microcosm of Koda itself. There is a feeling of purpose, but it’s always fun. It is, perhaps, no surprise that Jarred reflects that dynamic so closely, considering he is truly a founding member of Koda. He speaks fondly of going with Mai and Jared Muse on scouting trips to possible gym locations, and smiles as he reminisces about those early days as Koda took shape.

    “Me and Jared put together the first rig…and moved it [to the new space], and we did the first workout in there in November or December of 2011 before the doors opened.”

    Jarred moves with the ease of a lifelong athlete, and that may be because that is exactly what he is. When asked why he does Crossfit, a big smile breaks across his face and he laughs, “Because I’ve done everything else…” Originally from Cheyenne, Oklahoma, Jarred played every sport his high school had to offer. Then, there were his college years at Oklahoma Christian University where he played basketball, golf, and studied physical education. He worked as a golf pro for seven years, he still skis and snowboards, and has always made fitness a priority.

    “If you can get two guys who…have a passion for something you will get a following…and Mai is the glue that keeps everything together.”

    CrossFit entered the picture through Jared Muse, co-owner of Koda Crossfit. “[Jared Muse] has been one of my best friends since 1998…he’s a big reason.” They’ve known each other since their golf days at Oak Tree Country Club while Jarred was studying and playing golf at Oklahoma Christian University. Muse invited Jarred to come give Crossfit a try before Koda had even been founded. Jarred celebrated his four year Kodaversary December 2015, and says what he loves most about Koda is the community, and he credits its owners for cultivating that community. “I really think [Jared and Brice] are the reason it has been successful. If you can get two guys who believe and have passion for something, you will get a following of people who have that same passion…and Mai is the glue that keeps everything together.”

    Jarred is charmingly self-deprecatory, and he downplays his own fitness before admitting he has a fondness for gymnastic movements and a general aversion to all squats. The work he puts in at the gym isn’t just in the pure pursuit of fitness, though, it’s also to spend quality time with friends. To Jarred, who golfs weekly, and takes ski and snowboard trips regularly, this is what fitness is about. When asked if he’s brought any friends into the Crossfit fold, he laughingly replies “too many.” “Everything I do has to do with being out with my friends, that’s why Crossfit has been perfect for me. It’s just another thing I can do with my friends.” Koda means friend, and Jarred epitomizes that relationship to the gym, its owners, and its members.

    – Nick Piche