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  • Josh Taaca

    Josh Taaca describes himself as an easygoing and lighthearted man who appreciates intensity. That’s the reason he feels a strong connection with the atmosphere and leadership at Koda, and in January he celebrated his four year Kodaversary.

    Looking back, Josh remembers a bit of a rocky start in his Crossfit journey. He struggled with mobility which made him unsure of his place as a Crossfitter. Four years later, he has grown stronger and more confident in his abilities. It took years for Josh to get his double-under game in order. Now he is able to consistently string together 10 to 20 double-unders. That is a success only earned by taking the time to practice the skill no matter how many times you get whipped by the rope. Josh has earned that skill.

    “When I don’t exercise, physically I don’t feel as well, mentally I don’t feel as well.”
    – Josh Taaca

    Outside of Koda, Josh is a realtor. It is easy to tell he is passionate about helping people find a new place to call home. He talks about his profession as enthusiastically as he talks about his latest PR—355 on deadlift, in case you were wondering.

    While sitting in a coffee shop near Koda sipping on some iced green tea, Josh reminisces about what first brought him to the Crossfit box, and why he will continue to be a part of the much admired #915 class. He says fellow member and childhood friend Emily Pomeroy talked Koda up so much, he decided to leave the globo-gym life behind to give Crossfit a shot. Just then, who should walk into the coffee shop, but Emily herself. She is coincidentally picking up some drinks to-go after a morning of tennis with the family.

    Josh says one of the many things that keep him at Koda is the strong community. The Koda community, Josh has found, consists of friends, old and new, who have a passion for what they are doing, and keep each other accountable.

    “If you want to be around fun people, work your ass off, and know you’re going to get something out of it, it is the best.” – Josh Taaca

    It’s a big year for Josh. He celebrated his 40th birthday in 2016, and participated in the Crossfit Open for the first time. He plans to continue working on gaining muscle mass, developing his aerobic base, and loosening his affectionately dubbed ‘meat sticks’ so cleans and front squats become increasingly comfortable.

    Josh remembers life before Crossfit, and he says it is so much better when there is an intense workout to look forward to, with friends.

    – Mireya Garcia