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  • Katie Walker

    It is loud at Koda HQ, so loud the laughter and cheers are echoing inside the gym’s office. That’s where Katie Walker is sitting, after having just finished coaching the 6:30 class on a Thursday night. Everybody else is out on the gym floor chanting the names of people giving the newly announced Crossfit Open workout a try, but Katie is taking a moment to look back at her four years at Koda Crossfit. She celebrated her four year Kodaversary February 2016.

    One of the qualities that make Katie a stand-out in the Koda Community is the importance she places on building meaningful relationships with all the people in her life. It was a friendship that brought her to Koda, and newly formed bonds that keep her here.

    “What keeps me here are the people that are here.”

    Katie remembers she and her friend, Ryan Cunningham, talking about getting fit for his upcoming beachside wedding. After some conversations with friends in Tulsa, she decided Crossfit was the way to get fit. Her first workout, as she remembers it, involved hill sprints and thrusters on a cold day. Now, Katie was no athletic newbie, before Crossfit she had focused on long distance running, but she remembers her first Koda workout lighting a fire in her for more—more movement, more heavy weights, and more challenges, even if it was cold outside.

    As an Oklahoma original, Katie has a lot of her family living in the area, and she’s even brought cousin Doug Bridges along for the ride. He joined Koda, with Katie’s encouragement, shortly after moving back home. She even met her fiancé Taurean Singletary though the Koda community. Katie works as a buyer for Hobby Lobby, and her job involves some globetrotting, but she is always so happy to return home. Family, friendship, and love are all things Katie holds dear, and pieces of them are all at Koda.

    Even the newest of members are likely familiar with Katie’s signature smile, unending encouragement, and refreshing optimism. As a Koda coach, she has the skills to keep you safe and give you a solid workout, all while being your loudest cheerleader.

    Katie has successfully dropped 25 pounds since starting Crossfit. She remembers showing-up in these t-shirts several sizes too big and thinking pull-ups would be impossible for her, but that is the old Katie. Now, Katie can power through a pull-up workout, no problem. She is especially proud of her back squat and deadlift numbers, and her next goal is to break 200 pounds on front squat.

    “I just thought I would never get there, and now it is no problem.”

    About her future with Koda, Katie says she hopes to continue challenging herself, have fun with the occasional completion, and one day get a muscle-up. She knows that last goal will require focused effort, but let’s face it, it would be cool.

    – Mireya Garcia