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Laura Martinez

When most people think of CrossFit they automatically think of physical strength. However, strength is not just physical; CrossFit often requires mental strength as well. Laura Martinez is the perfect example of a person who exhibits both physical and mental strength in her life every day.

After moving to Oklahoma City from Houston by herself to start her Residency in Urology, Laura found Koda via a simple Google search. Laura’s husband had done CrossFit so she had an idea of what was in store for her. With a little bit of self-encouragement, she attended her first class and became hooked.

“The first time I attended Koda, I was the only person in the class and Jared just made stuff up as we went along!” – Laura Martinez

Laura’s everyday life after joining Koda has consisted of long, hard hours at the hospital and Laura has found Koda to be a key for stress relief. In addition, Laura appreciates having a place she can identify with outside of school and work.

“Koda holds a special place in my life. It made moving here a lot easier. Being in an industry that is male dominated, it is nice to have people I can identify with.”

In addition to celebrating her four year anniversary at Koda in February, Laura celebrated five years of marriage with her husband, Mathew, on March 5, 2016. Although Laura and Mathew have been married for five years, they spent the first four years apart as they both worked to complete their residency programs with Laura in OKC and Mathew in Tulsa. Mathew is now in OKC and works as an ER doctor while Laura finishes her residency. Her love for Koda rubbed off on her husband, and he will be competing in next year’s First Timers competition!

Laura’s strength and dedication to her marriage, school, career, and health are qualities that are treasured by others at Koda and will be sincerely missed when she and her husband return to Houston after Laura completes her residency in OKC next year.

– Lexie Garrison