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  • Nicole Johnson

    It’s a big day for Nicole Johnson, because minutes before this interview she defeated her own doubts about her physical abilities, and achieved her first bar muscle-up. Then she went on to do it five more times during 16.3 in the Crossfit Open. Many Koda members might be more familiar with Nicole as Snookie or Snook. She picked up the moniker at Koda during a conversation about Halloween costumes, and it just stuck.

    Nicole celebrated her four year Kodaversary in January, but this athlete has a total of six years of Crossfit experience. She has come a long way from her early days of being nervous around a barbell. One of her first max lifts was a dead lift, and she topped out at what felt like a heavy 80lbs. Six years later her PR is 225 lbs, and she has set her sights on the big 300.

    Nicole’s introduction to Crossfit involved elite athlete Tanya Wagner, though Wagner might not know it. A friend working in California chatted with Wagner after she won the Crossfit Games, and that friend called Nicole to tell her all about it. That piqued her interest, and she decided to buy herself access to an on-ramp class as a birthday present. One of her favorite things about the sport of fitness is that it’s not just about being strong or fast, but that an athlete has to be well versed in the technical aspects of their movement to effectively use their strengths.

    “Every time I come in, it is like home or family.” – Nicole Johnson

    Shortly after Koda opened its doors, Nicole thought the move would be a good fit for her as a developing athlete. She remembers the early days working-out in a room that was “as big as a garage” and Koda being a close knit group of people who had a lot of faith in owners Jared Muse, Brice Collier, and Mai Muse. As Koda has grown, Nicole says she is happy it has not lost its familial feeling, and she appreciates the important emotional support friends at Koda provide during stressful times in her life.

    Nicole plans to keep challenging herself at Koda while also challenging herself with a career change, and going to Nursing School. She also wants to put in the practice on one of the most technical movements, the snatch, so she can achieve a long term goal of hitting a body weight pr on her favorite lift.

    “You’re working out with students and you are working out with CEOs, but everyone is the same….titles get left at the door.”

    As a woman who has gone from no experience with barbells, to a motivated and strong contender, Nicole encourages people never to be too intimidated to walk into Koda. She likes to say that Crossfit is not just the Crossfit Games you see on TV, and that when you find the right fit, it will bring positive change into your life.

    – Mireya Garcia