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  • Solange Eddy

    It’s not very often that any one person walks into a Koda location and doesn’t feel the warmth of being welcomed like the afternoon sun on an Oklahoma spring day; whether the sun is shining or not. However, there is one Koda member that radiates that warmth more than almost any other and her outgoing, bubbly personality has become a staple at Koda.

    Solange Eddy came to Koda after having met Brice at the Air Force Academy and when stationed in OKC she was quick to join the Koda crew. When Solange is not working on an AWACS at Tinker or completing her Master’s degree in US Law you can find her coaching, training, or supporting others at Koda. And if you have spent any time at Koda you have undoubtedly seen her busting out some dance moves or serenading the other Koda members with whatever song might be playing over the speakers.

    In her four years at Koda, Solange feels that her gymnastic capabilities, once her weakest area, have improved exponentially and now compliment her brute strength. Overall she feels that she is now well-rounded in her fitness and has put all of her hard work to the test in numerous competitions since 2012 and has represented Koda in the CrossFit Games North Central Region every year since 2013.

    Outside of work, school, and Koda, Solange keeps herself occupied with swimming, her fiancé, her two dogs Luna and Sue, and her two cats Ollie and Little Kitty. Oh… and if you ever feel like a good, happy cry… just watch the video of her then boyfriend, Eric Douglass, proposing to her at the end of a Koda WOD.

    With all this being said, the brightest sun at Koda is setting as Solange has received orders to be stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. It is an understatement to say that Koda will not be the same without the warmth that radiates from the smile of Solange. However, it is no coincidence that the Latin meaning of her name is the solemn one; Sun Angel/Earth Angel as her presence brightens up any room that she enters. Likewise, her departure from Koda can be seen as a sunset. Not to be sad though, poet Beau Taplin said it best with, “Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too.”

    – Lexie Garrison