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  • Anthony Robb

    Anthony Robb is the man who will make you comfortable with Crossfit even if you have never seen a barbell before in your life. He coaches Koda Movements, the highly encouraged class for people new to the scene.

    Better known as ARobb, Anthony celebrated his four year Kodaversary in March, but he has been Crossfiting for more than five years. It all started when a coworker introduced him to Crossfit, and Anthony decided to try a couple of workouts in his own garage. Soon he realized that this was something he enjoyed, but probably shouldn’t do alone.

    “I realized they were kicking my butt, and I had no idea what I was doing.” – Anthony Robb

    In the early days, Anthony was trained by a combination of people including Brice Collier and Jared Muse well before Koda even existed. He remembers feeling incredibly frustrated by many of the movements early on– Olympic lifting didn’t click and even jumping rope felt impossible.

    Anthony says he would need to jump twice to accomplish single-unders, but he’d chip away at every work out. Anthony once completed a scaled version of a double-under work out known as Annie, and it took him 16 minutes. Now he can do the as prescribed version of that same workout in only eight minutes.

    “That was a huge proud moment in my life. There is a Facebook post out there somewhere about it.”
    – Anthony Robb

    It may be that struggle and the work it took to overcome it that makes Anthony especially patient with beginner athletes. His naturally welcoming personality helps new members feel at home, and a degree in nutrition and fitness from the University of Missouri means the guy knows what he is talking about.

    On an average day at the gym, you’ll find Anthony laughing and joking around while getting in a tough workout. Don’t let that easygoing look fool you, Anthony is a busy guy. He usually gets a workout in during a morning session, then heads to work as an accountant, then comes straight back to Koda to coach some classes.

    “I am just an average person, and I try to live that out to show that anyone can do Crossfit.”

    Anthony is one of the tallest athlete’s in the gym, and every year around Crossfit Open season you will find him prepping for the famed Tall Man Open workout where he and other tall athletes in Oklahoma City battle it out to see who the tall man winner will be for the year. This year he is focusing on chest to bar pull-ups and other gymnastics movements to up his game.

    Anthony’s favorite lift is the clean because he loves the way it feels when all the movements are executed correctly so that the lift feels explosive and crisp. His unicorn– or the movement he hopes to achieve one day– is the handstand push-up.

    His favorite things about Koda are the solid and safe coaching within a positive atmosphere. Those are the things that brought him to Koda after Brice, Jared, and Mai opened the doors, and it’s what will continue to keep him here.

    – Mireya Garcia