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  • Doug Bridges

    Originally from Colorado, Doug Bridges moved to Oklahoma about five years ago. He was looking for something to do, and attended a nutrition seminar at Koda led by Koda coach Chad Hamilton. Doug found the seminar interesting, an that is what drew him to attend Koda to workout. Now, Doug is celebrating his four year Kodaversery.

    “I was hooked from then on out, I was in it.”

    Doug was athletic as a child, and played every sport available throughout his grade school education. He was awarded the All- State title in both football and baseball. His sports career ended in college after knee surgery. He hit pause on his college education a few years ago, but has since continued onto Oklahoma State. He has a few more semesters to complete his degree in mechanical engineering.
    Doug says Crossfit has change every aspect of his life, and allowed him to have a more positive outlook, while he was finding himself.
    “When I first moved here I was probably in the deepest, darkest, part of my life. A big reason I moved out to Oklahoma was to get away from things.”

    For Doug, Crossfit is more than just moving stuff around, before coming to Koda, Doug says he was acting just like many young people often do. There were a lot of parties and a lot of drinking, but he realized these fleeting moments were not who he wanted to be, and were not helping his progress. Crossfit, and the community he has found within Koda have helped him find a more balanced life that he is proud of living.

    Doug says his early days at Koda feel far away, but he remembers being comfortable at the gym because cousin Katie Walker was already a member. He is also proud to say he was a able to master double-unders quickly, and remember admiring the fitness level of co-owner Brice Collier.

    Doug still considers gymnastics movements a weakness, an you will often see him before or after class working on becoming more proficient at handstand pushups. He talks about the importance of working on your weaknesses to become a better athlete, and says it took him 2.5 years to complete a muscle-up. He credits the competitive nature of Koda’s top athletes with making him a fitter version of himself, and says it gives the every day member something to shoot for.

    It may be his love of athletics and competitive sports, but Doug does his best on game day. He has a habit of hitting his biggest numbers on Olympic lifts during Crossfit competitions, but there is no better time to succeed then on the day it counts. He also enjoys the workouts most athlete wish they could avoid because Doug is able to push hard even when it hurts, like on long workouts using the Assault Bike. He is currently working on building his upper body strength to pick up on some other weaknesses, and he has notice a positive change in his ability to perform in upper body focused workouts.

    “I have been blessed with great friends from Crossfit, and helped me establish myself as a person, and help me become who I am today.”
    Expect to see a lot more of Doug. He is now a coach at Koda, and he will be spending a lot more time at Koda Native, Koda’s third and most recent location. As a coach he hopes to be fun and friendly while placing a special focus on proper movement. He wants the people of Koda to always know how to move the body well, and feel confident in their own movement whether they are trying to do a handstand for the first time or doing a squat for the hundredth time.

    “It is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have never been outspoken about it… it was something that was exciting for me.”


    -Mireya Garcia