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  • Eric Casazza

    Eric is a lean, soft-spoken man, with an easy way about him that belies how busy a man he really is. When he’s not out in the field playing his trade as a geophysicist, he’s spending time with family, out rock-climbing in Arkansas or the Wichita Mountains, camping or fishing around the country, or right here at Koda getting fit. Even in a short conversation with Eric, it’s clear that he relishes a challenge.

    His work as a geophysicist sometimes keeps him at the office for long hours, but he says he loves it. He cites the challenge of the job and the opportunity to work with smart, dedicated people. Eric says it’s really that team dynamic that makes him love the work. They share long hours together “just solving problems,” as he says.

    Eric, like many people, was introduced to Crossfit through a friend. He says that after some time of his friend recommending he give it a try, he decided to come and watch a class. He thought it looked fun. Eric saw there was a month long on-ramp class, and he thought, “Yeah, I can try anything for a month,” so he signed up. It was there he met co-owners Brice Collier and Jared Muse, along with other future Kodites. Eric says that from day one he was hooked for life. Now he is celebrating his four year Kodaversary with us. “It’s just a team. It’s kind of a little family of people who enjoy suffering together,” he laughs, adding that apparently he’s drawn to odd groups.

    In addition to his work colleagues, he’s talking about his fellow rock climbers, whom he describes as “an interesting tribe,” and circles back to his desire to be around other hard-working individuals. His assessment of rock-climbing and working out: “It’s no fun by yourself.” In his calm, easy style, he tells a story of trying to do “Fran,” a well-known and notorious workout in the Crossfit codex, alone. He says that without other people there to push him, that it just felt “flat”. “I realized it’s not the workouts, it’s the environment, it’s the people – especially here at Koda.” He’s quick to point out, however, that he doesn’t do it simply for the camaraderie, but also for the tangible gains, including in rock-climbing. “I was a mid-5.11s climber for a long time, [Crossfit] pushed me up into the mid-5.12s.”

    It’s hard to get even a mild brag out of Eric. When asked about other gains he’s made in his time at Koda, he replies that what he really loves is being able to walk into the gym for an hour, get a workout in to wind down, and feel good. “All I need to do is show up. I don’t have to make myself do anything. They’re putting me through this workout, so if I can get my butt through the door, I’m going to get a great workout, and at the end of that hour, I feel great. I just go home feeling better.” And Koda is better for having him.