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  • Matt McGee

    Matt McGee started Crossfit on a whim. He was recovering from an injury and was still running around with a knee brace, but there was no time like the present, and he walked in to a Crossfit box. That was years ago, and in January he celebrated his four year Kodaversary.

    Back in 2009 when Matt was at Oklahoma State University, a roommate would do Crossfit workouts off of the main site to stay fit. At the time, Matt didn’t join in, but after he graduated, he decided it was time to try something new to get in better shape, and the idea of doing that through Crossfit was still in his mind.

    He started at a different Crossfit box in the Oklahoma City Metro. Though he didn’t know anyone there, he quickly met Brice and Jared. Matt liked Brice Collier’s confidence and experience with fitness, and enjoyed Jared Muse’s fun coaching style. After finding out that the pair of coaches would be opening Koda Crossfit, Matt decided to make the swap, and he says it was an easy decision.

    Years later he still feels the same way, and frequents the 6pm class coached by Muse. Matt says he isn’t the only one who thinks Koda developed something special, and points to several people he has known his entire time at Koda who still attend the same class. Matt is happy for Koda’s growth and success, but happier still that members stay, and that through its growth, Koda’s warm environment remains the same.

    After years of working for a large company in the oil and gas sector, Matt caught the entrepreneurial bug, and opened Mach Energy Services, a trucking, oil and gas services company. The change is both exciting and stressful, so Matt has made a point of coming to Koda more regularly to be able to feel more grounded in his new adventure.

    “It just makes life better. You feel better and you sleep better…I just feel better.”

    Matt has developed powerful and life changing friendships at Koda. Through Crossfit he met Charles Te, who went on to perform a procedure on Matt’s heart to treat a heart arrhythmia that was growing more unbearable during intense workouts. It has been a year since the surgery, and now Matt says he feels great.

    Matt’s other friendships in Koda are far reaching too. This year Matt and several past and present Koda members took a fishing trip together to Lake Tenkiller, and for Matt getaways like this one symbolize what is most important in his life, friends and family.

    “People come here from all walks of life, income levels, backgrounds. It is just so diverse, and I think that says a lot of the type of community Jared and Brice have cultivated here.”

    Matt says he doesn’t focus on his weightlifting numbers, and instead chooses to trust Koda’s programming to make him stronger as long as he shows up. His favorite workout, though, is Annie. The double-unders and sit-ups really make sense for Matt. It did take at least six months, or maybe more like eight, for him to figure out double-unders, but Matt jokes that after Brice yelled at him too much, it finally clicked.

    His proudest moments came when his Koda team podiumed at Fittest in Oklahoma in the scaled competition for two years in a row several years ago. He has since stopped competing regularly, but hopes to get back into a team comp soon.

    “Maybe trying to get the band back together for a Fittest in OK scaled. Maybe 2020 or when we get to the masters. It’s all about timing.”

    Whether it’s until he can qualify for master’s competitions, or sometime soon, Matt says the quality of the training and his friendship will keep him at Koda.

    -Mireya Garcia