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  • Taylor Looney

    Taylor Looney was always an athlete. His sport of choice throughout his childhood was football, and even in his youth, Taylor was not afraid to take on more than most would. In high school he played left guard and defensive end, and remembers being about 30 pounds lighter than any of the other linemen. He kept up with fitness after high school, but stuck to the traditional structure of weightlifting until he stepped into Koda.

    After some time of that traditional workout routine, Taylor decide he wanted something new, and when he saw a fraternity brother post some Crossfit pictures, that sparked Taylor’s interest. He called his friend and asked about Crossfit and Koda. That conversation was enough for him to give this new way of finding fitness a try. His first day at Koda feels like a blur four years later, but Taylor remembers being surprised by the class setting because working out had always been more of a solo activity for him.

    Taylor enjoys the competitive aspect of crossfit, and one of his favorite moments happened during the final workout of Fittest in OK II. He was sitting somewhere around sixth to eighth place. The last work out was broken up into four parts, and each part would knock out two
    people out of the running. Taylor described the final moments of that competition with such intensity. He hung in the competition until he came head to head with the person sitting in first place. The last portion of the work-out involved completing thrusters and pull-ups for 15-12-9

    “The best part was being one of the only two people on the floor, and what seemed like the entire Koda gym on the railing cheering. It was back and forth. I would beat him on the thrusters then he would catch me on the pull ups for all 3 rounds,” says Taylor.

    This ended up being a hard fought loss for Taylor, but a memorable moment, nonetheless. Taylor is especially proud of figuring out double-unders. It took him years of practice to get it right, but his hard work is an example of working on a weakness until it becomes a strength.

    Outside the gym Taylor says he loves to go to brunch. Kidding, kidding! He spends most of his free time remodeling his home and is nearly finished. He also spends a lot of time in his shop making furniture, and looks forward to getting back to knife-making once some of his bigger projects are complete. Photography is another of Taylor hobbies, and there is a good chance he’s taken a picture of you, because he often assists Chad Hamilton during Koda events.

    For the last several years Taylor has made a habit of attending the 5:30 pm class. He has found a community of like-minded people in Koda who place importance in bettering their physical and mental selves. Taylor knows Crossfit workouts can be grueling, but after four years, metcons and strength training have become a habit. Taylor sits at work for long hours, and he now depends on the stress relief he finds after a tough workout at Koda. The relationships he’s built at the gym also keep him coming back. There is something special about seeing friends and talking to fellow Crossfitters regularly.

    His current goals include qualifying for Wodaplooza in the next year and improving his position in the 2017 Crossfit Open. After years of work, Taylor has his sights set on achieving a 300 pound clean, 225 pound snatch, and 405 pound squat, and hope that he will hit one of these numbers this year. Taylor says he will continue to work on becoming a fitter version of himself, and there is no better place to do that than at Koda in the company of all his friends.

    -Mireya Garcia