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Koda CrossFit

Koda CrossFit is conveniently located in Oklahoma City. "Koda" is the Sioux word for friend. It symbolizes the brotherhood that once existed between those who lived, hunted, and went to battle together. It now represents the family dynamic that is what makes Koda CrossFit unique.

Koda CrossFit is owned and operated by Brice Collier and Jared Muse. Koda CrossFit is a small gym located west of Broadway Extension just south of 63rd on Harvey. Brought together by their passion for general fitness and desire to positively impact the local community, the two friends opened Koda's doors in December of 2011.

Since safety is our top priority we do all we can to ensure that our clients understand and practice correct movement patterns while training at Koda as well as in their daily lives. We do this by holding all clients to extremely high standards while they are training with us. It is important that you not only demonstrate correct movement patterns but understand the concepts behind them. If you do not feel comfortable with the exercises that you see in our regulara classprogramming, our Koda Movements is available. This class is not required but is perfect for athletes who have not spent a lot of time underneath a barbell. This ensures a true understanding of the movements and concepts.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure which class to attend?

Learn more about Koda's programs or contact Koda to discuss your goals.

I'm dropping in from another CrossFit Affiliate. What's your drop-in policy?

We welcome anyone to come check out Koda if you're an out of towner. However, you must be a member of another affiliate and there is a $25 drop in fee. We also have pretty excellent shirts that may be available.

What if I'm interested in personal training?

Contact Us to discuss options.

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